Replacement Inserts - Extra Length
Replacement Inserts - Extra Length

Replacement Inserts - Extra Length

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* In order not to damage jaws and or inserts by short chucking we will supply up to 1.5 times standard lengths only. For lengths greater than 1.5 times standard length -  contact us.

Qty. of 1 includes 3 replacement inserts.

For standard length inserts click here.

We at Acrojaws can manufacture and supply any configuration of jaws and inserts for any job within the capabilities of a 2, 3, 4 or 6 jaw chuck, for any job, be it internal or external chucking. Just provide us with the outside or inside chucking diameter and chucking length, and we can make it happen.

The possibilities are endless.

People that bought from us are saying:

"Definitely like the system. This works very well with a number of the smaller parts that we work with and we can see how it would really reduce change-overs, not to mention the space that is taken up by a lot of custom cut soft jaws.   In time we will be ordering some more setups".

Please make your inquiry by contacting us here. We will reply promptly.